James Coco in 'Murder, She Wrote: We're Off to Kill the Wizard'
James Coco (1930 - 1987)
Bye Bye Monkey (Ciao maschio) (1978) [Andreas Flaxman]: Burned to death after Gerard Depardieu knocks him unconscious in the burning museum.

Murder, She Wrote: We're Off to Kill the Wizard (1984) [Horatio Baldwin]: Hit on the head when he falls against a counter during a struggle with Kristoffer Tabori in James' office; Kristoffer then puts a gun in James' hand and shoots him in the head to make it look like a suicide. His body is shown afterwards when the security guards break in, and the murder is shown in a flashback later on.

Who's the Boss? (I don't know the exact episode) (1987) [Nick Milano]: After James' real-life death, it was mentioned that his character had died (off-screen), though my memory is vague on the details.
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