Jake Busey (1971 - )
Son of
Gary Busey
S.F.W. (1994) [Morrow Streeter]: Shot to death by kidnappers. (Thanks to ND)

Tales from the Crypt: Surprise Party (1994) [Frank]: Shot in the chest (off-screen) by Rance Howard; his death is shown in a re-enactment of the crime depicting Adam Storke as the killer. He comes back as a zombie afterwards. (Thanks to Andrew)

The Frighteners (1996) [Johnny Charles Bartlett]: Executed (off-screen) in the electric chair, some time before the story takes place; he appears as a ghost in the present day, and finally "dies" for good after his spirit (along with Dee Wallace Stone's) is sucked into the pit of Hell.

Contact (1997) [Joseph]: Killed in an explosion when he detonates a bomb strapped to his waist, in order to kill Tom Skerritt. (Thanks to ND)

Black Cat Run (1998) [Deputy Norm Babbitt]: Killed in an explosion. (Thanks to Gary)

Enemy of the State (1998) [Krug]: Killed in a shoot-out between Jon Voight's men and Tom Sizemore's thugs. (Thanks to Michael and Gary)

The Twilight Zone: Chosen (2002) [Vince Hanson]: Killed during a nuclear strike. (Thanks to Andrew)

The Hitcher II: I've Been Waiting (2003) [Jack]: Killed in an explosion when Kari Wuhrer fires at a leaking tanker truck, igniting the fuel, while he's tied between the truck's cab and trailer. (Thanks to Gary and Stephen)

Identity (2003) [Robert Maine]: Gets a baseball bat shoved down his throat (off-screen) by Bret Loehr while Jake is tied up in the hotel office. His body (actually a special-effects dummy) is shown afterwards when John Cusack and Ray Liotta discover him. (There is an additional twist to the movie, which I won't reveal.) (Thanks to PortsGuy)

Charmed: Witchstock (2004) [Nigel]: Killed with a magic spell by Kara Zediker. (Thanks to David31)

H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds (2005) [Lt. Samuelson]: Bludgeoned to death with a rock by C. Thomas Howell. (Thanks to ND and Stephen)

Death Row (Haunted Prison) (2006) [Marco]: Burned to death when he falls into a pit of fire, while Scott Whyte tries to pull him up but loses his grip. He appears as a spirit later on. (Thanks to Stephen)

Wristcutters: A Love Story (2006) [Brian]: Commits suicide (off-screen, exact method unclear) some time before his first appearance; he appears as a spirit in the afterlife for suicides.
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Jake Busey in 'Enemy of the State'