Jack Palance in 'God's Gun'
Jack Palance (1919 - 2006)
Father of
Holly Palance and Cody Palance
Sudden Fear (1952) [Lester Blaine]: Killed in a car crash when he runs down Gloria Grahame (mistaking her for Joan Crawford); we see him start to swerve at the last second when he recognizes Gloria, then hear the crash from off-camera. The wrecked car is shown afterwards, though the bodies are not shown.

Arrowhead (1953) [Toriano]: Neck snapped by Charlton Heston at the end of their one-on-one fight, while the rest of the Apaches and cavalrymen stand by and watch.

Shane (1953) [Jack Wilson]: Shot in the chest in a shoot-out with Alan Ladd in a saloon.

The Silver Chalice (1954) [Simon the Magician]: Jumps to his death from a tower, believing that he can fly. (Thanks to Robert)

Attack (1956) [Lt. Joe Costa]: Run over by a tank; he dies shortly after managing to drag himself back into the cellar. (Thanks to Zoran)

The Mongols (I Mongoli) (1961) [Ogatai]: Commits suicide by stabbing himself after his army is defeated. (Thanks to Robert)

Barabbas (1962) [Torvald]: Killed by Anthony Quinn in the gladiatorial arena. (Thanks to Robert)

Contempt (Le Mepris) (1963) [Jeremy Prokosch]: Killed in a car crash (off-screen), along with Brigitte Bardot; their bodies are shown in the wreckage afterwards.

Torture Garden (1967) [Ronald Wyatt]: Commits suicide by setting fire to the house, in order to destroy both himself and the undead Hedger Wallace.

A Professional Gun (Il Mercenario; The Mercenary; Revenge of a Gunfighter) (1968) [Curly]: Shot to death in a gunfight with Tony Musante in a bullring. (Thanks to Patrick)

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1968) [Dr. Henry Jekyll/Mr. Edward Hyde]: Shot to death by Denholm Elliott. (Thanks to Anton)

The Desperados (1969) [Parson Josiah Galt]: Falls to his death, along with his son (Vince Edwards), when they struggle at the edge of a cliff. (Thanks to Zoran)

Companeros (Vamos a matar, companeros!) (1970) [John]: Killed in an explosion when Tomas Milian throws a statue of a saint at the detonator, setting off the dynamite. We see Jack's prosthetic hand land in the street after the explosion.

Chato's Land (1972) [Captain Quincey Whitmore]: Killed by Charles Bronson. (Thanks to Zoran)

Craze (Demon Master; The Infernal Idol) (1974) [Neal Mottram]: Commits suicide by impaling himself on the idol, after first being shot by police. (Thanks to Eric)

God's Gun (Diamante Lobo; A Bullet from God) (1976) [Sam Clayton]: Shot in the chest by Lee Van Cleef when Jack reaches into a money-bag (presumably containing a hidden gun) in a graveyard.

Mister Scarface (I Padroni della citta; The Big Boss; Blood and Bullets) (1976) [Mr. 'Scarface' Manzari]: Shot repeatedly by Al Cliver. (Thanks to Andrea)

Young Guns (1988) [Laurence J. Murphy]: Shot in the head by Emilio Estevez. (Thanks to Robert)

Batman (1989) [Boss Carl Grissom]: Shot in the chest by Jack Nicholson in Palance's penthouse.

Outlaw of Gor (Gor II; The Outlaw) (1989) [Xenos]: Stabbed in the side by Donna Denton after Jack dedicates a toast in the gladiatorial arena.

Tango & Cash (1989) [Yves Perret]: Shot in the head by both Kurt Russell and Sylvester Stallone. (Thanks to Robert and F.)

City Slickers (1991) [Curly Washburn]: Dies (off-screen) of a heart attack while sitting on some rocks; his body is shown afterwards when Billy Crystal comes up to talk to him and discovers that he's dead.

The Swan Princess (1994; animated) [Lord Rothbart]: Shot in the chest with an arrow by Prince Derek (voiced by Howard McGillin) while Jack is in his animal form. (Thanks to Drew)
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