Jack Lambert in 'The Killers' (1946)
Jack Lambert (1920 - 2002)
The Killers (A Man Alone) (1946) [Dum-Dum Clarke]: Shot to death (off-camera) in a shoot-out with Albert Dekker in Albert's home; we see his body fall down the staircase immediately after the shooting, just as the police arrive.

The Vigilantes Return (Return of the Vigilantes) (1947) [Ben Borden]: Shot in the back by Jon Hall while Jack is struggling with Margaret Lindsay on a balcony. (Thanks to Brian)

Machine-Gun Kelly (1958) [Howard]: Machine-gunned, along with the rest of his gang, by Charles Bronson when Charles bursts into their hideout.

Day of the Outlaw (1959) [Tex]: Frozen to death (off-screen) after Robert Ryan rides off on the last horse, leaving Jack alone on the mountain. (Thanks to Brian)
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