Jackie Chan (center) in 'New Fist of Fury'
Jackie Chan (1954 - )
a.k.a. Yuan Lung Chan
(and variants)
Director/stunt coordinator
Mr. Feng-Jiao Lin
Enter the Dragon (Long zhen hu dou; Operation Dragon; The Deadly Three) (1973) [Thug in Prison]: Neck snapped by Bruce Lee during a big martial-arts melee. (Thanks to Andy)

New Fist of Fury (Xin ching-wu men; Fists to Fight) (1976) [A Lung]: Shot repeatedly in the chest by Japanese soldiers as he leads the Chinese martial-arts students in a show of resistance.

The Prisoner (Huo shao dao; The Burning Island; Island on Fire; When Dragons Meet) (1990) [Lung (Steve in English-dubbed version)]: Shot to death, along with Sammo Hung and Andy Lau, outside the prison. (Thanks to James)
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