Idris Elba in 'American Gangster'
Idris Elba (1972 - )
The Wire: Middle Ground (2004) [Russell 'Stringer' Bell]: Shot repeatedly in the chest by Michael Potts and Michael K. Williams.

American Gangster (2007) [Tango]: Shot in the head by Denzel Washington in the street.

The Reaping (2007) [Ben]: Stabbed to death by David Morrissey in a crypt; his body is shown afterwards when Hilary Swank discovers him, and his death is shown in a brief flashback.

The Unborn (2009) [Arthur Wyndham]: Bludgeoned to death with an iron bar by Cam Gigandet when the possessed Idris attacks Odette Yustman. (Thanks to ND)

The Losers (2010) [Roque]: Killed in an explosion when Holt McCallany's motorcycle crashes into Idris' plane. (Thanks to Tommy, Arben, and ND)

Takers (2010) [Gordon Cozier]: Possibly mortally wounded after being shot by T.I.; we last see him being driven away by Paul Walker, so his fate isn't definitely established. (Thanks to Tommy)

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (2011) [Moreau]: Rapidly decomposes when Johnny Whitworth uses his supernatural powers on Idris. (Thanks to Tommy and Tim)

Prometheus (2012) [Janek]: Killed in an explosion (along with Emun Elliott and Benedict Wong) when they crash their ship into the alien's ship to prevent it from leaving the planet. (Thanks to Tommy, Tim, ND, and Matthew)

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