Ian Somerhalder in 'Lost: Do No Harm'
Ian Somerhalder (1978 - )
Smallville: Velocity (2004) [Adam Knight a.k.a. Chad Nash]: Dies of liver failure, some time before the episode begins; when he first appears, he has already been resurrected through a formula made from Tom Welling's blood. (Thanks to Neil and Tracy)

Smallville: Crisis (2004) [Adam Knight]: Dies of liver failure after running out of the formula that kept him alive. (Thanks to Neil and Tracy)

Lost: Do No Harm (2005) [Boone Carlyle]: Fatally injured when the small plane he's inside falls from a tree; he dies some time afterwards with Matthew Fox by his side. His body is shown again in the following episode (The Greater Good). (Thanks to Domikate, Alex, Neil, Eryk, Cris, Sheena, and Daniel)

The Tournament (2009) [Miles Slade]: Head explodes when Liam Cunningham remotely detonates the explosive tracking device implanted in Ian's body, as Robert Carlyle and Kelly Hu look on in shock.
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