Ian McNeice in 'Freeze Frame'
Ian McNeice (1950 - )
Father of Angus, Travers, and Maisie McNeice
Cluedo: Seven Deadly Sinners (1993) [Sir Nigel Hussey]: Strangled by Leslie Grantham.

No Escape (1994) [King]: Killed (off-screen) by the wild men, after Ray Liotta escapes in a helicopter and leaves Ian and Michael Lerner behind. (Thanks to Stephen and ND)

A Christmas Carol (1999) [Mr. Albert Fezziwig]: Dies (off-screen) of old age/natural causes, some time before the story begins; he only appears in a vision of the past when Joel Grey takes Patrick Stewart back in time. (Thanks to Stephen)

Dune (2000) [Baron Vladimir Harkonnen]: Poisoned by his granddaughter (Laura Burton). (Thanks to Stephen)

Children of Dune (2003) [Baron Vladimir Harkonnen]: Returns as a disembodied consciousness possessing his granddaughter (Daniela Amavia); he is finally destroyed when she commits suicide. (Thanks to Stephen)

Freeze Frame (2004) [Forensic Profiler Saul Seger]: Shot in the head by Rachael Stirling, as Lee Evans looks on in shock. (Thanks to ND)

White Noise (2005) [Raymond Price]: Dies (off-screen) of a heart attack from fright after seeing a supernatural phenomenon on his recording apparatus; his body is shown afterwards when Michael Keaton discovers him. (Thanks to Stephen and ND)

Day of the Dead (2008) [Paul the DJ]: Dies of the zombie virus and returns as a zombie; he is then stabbed in the top of the head by AnnaLynne McCord. (Thanks to Andrew and ND)
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