Hugo Weaving in 'The Custodian'
Hugo Weaving (1960 - )
The Custodian (1993) [Detective Church]: Shot in the head by Barry Otto in Hugo's bedroom, after Hugo pulls his own gun out of his dresser drawer.

The Matrix (1999) [Agent Smith]: Explodes after after Keanu Reeves jumps into his body and destroys him from the inside. (As a humanoid manifestation of a computer program, he returned as an improved version in the 2003 sequel The Matrix Reloaded.) (Thanks to Betty and Tal)

The Matrix Revolutions (2003) [Agent Smith]: Destroyed when the Matrix's consciousness channels an enormous amount of energy through Keanu Reeves after Keanu allows Hugo to "infect" his Matrix-form. (Thanks to RiffXRaff and Tal)

V for Vendetta (2005) [V]: Shot repeatedly by Tim Pigott-Smith's men; he manages to kill Tim and all his men before finally dying of his wounds a short time later, while talking to Natalie Portman. (Hugo's face is never shown throughout the entire movie.) (Thanks to Fortza, Patrick, Manda, and Steve)
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