H.M. Wynant in 'Get Smart: Pussycats Galore'
H.M. Wynant (1927 - )
a.k.a. Haim Winant
Ex-Mr. Ethel Winant
Father of Scott, Bruce, and William Winant
Decision at Sundown (1957) [Spanish, Sheriff's Deputy]: Shot to death by Randolph Scott after H.M. shoots Noah Beery. (Thanks to Brian)

Perry Mason: The Case of the Decadent Dean (1963) [Tobin Wade]: Bludgeoned to death (off-screen) with a tire iron by Lloyd Corrigan; his body is shown afterwards as the police investigate. (Thanks to Dignan)

Perry Mason: The Case of the Telltale Tap (1965) [Glen Holman]: Killed (off-screen) in a car crash after Roland Winters knocks him unconscious and pushes the car over a cliff. We learn of his death afterwards when William Hopper informs Raymond Burr of the victim's identity. (Thanks to Dignan)

Get Smart: Pussycats Galore (1967) [Frank Valentine]: Shot in the chest by Ted Knight when Ted and H.M. both shoot at Don Adams and Ted hits H.M. instead.

Dark and Stormy Night (2009) [Dr. Van Von Vandervon]: Stabbed in the back by Brian Howe while H.M. is laughing at Jennifer Blaire and Daniel Roebuck; he dies shortly afterwards while still laughing. (Played for comic effect.)

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