Herbert Lom (1917 - 2012)
Hotel Reserve (1944) [Andre Roux]: Falls to his death from a rooftop while backing away from James Mason. (Thanks to Brian)

The Ladykillers (1955) [Louis a.k.a. Mr. Harvey]: Falls into a moving train after Alec Guinness pushes the ladder away from the overpass.

Hell Drivers (1957) [Gino Rossi]: Fatally injured/burned (off-screen) in a crash when Patrick McGoohan forces Herbert's truck off the road; he dies in the hospital afterwards. (Thanks to Garrett and Brian)

Northwest Frontier (Flame Over India) (1959) [Van Layden]: Shot in the stomach by Lauren Bacall just as Herbert is about to kill Kenneth More on top of a train; Herbert then falls from the train. (Thanks to Garrett and Brian)

El Cid (1961) [Ben Yussuf]: Trampled to death when his own troops panic and overrun him. (Thanks to Garrett and Brian)

Mysterious Island (Jules Verne's Mysterious Island) (1961) [Captain Nemo]: Crushed and/or drowned when a volcanic eruption causes a large rock to hit his submarine. (Thanks to Garrett)

The Phantom of the Opera (1962) [The Phantom a.k.a. Professor Petrie]: Impaled when a chandelier falls on him, after he pushes Heather Sears out of the way. (Thanks to Tony)

Uncle Tom's Cabin (Onkel Toms Hutte; Cry Sweet Revenge) (1965) [Simon Legree]: Killed by a group of slaves, when they revolt after Herbert kills John Kitzmiller. (Thanks to Robert)

Journey to the Far Side of the Sun (Doppelganger) (1969) [Dr. Hassler]: Shot to death after being discovered as a spy. (Thanks to Garrett)

Murders in the Rue Morgue (1971) [Rene Marot]: Falls to his death when Christine Kaufman cuts the rope he's hanging onto. (Thanks to Anton)

And Then There Were None (Ten Little Indians) (1974) [Dr. Edward Armstrong]: Killed by Richard Attenborough. (I haven't seen this version, but I have seen Walter Huston's death in the 1945 version.)

The Pink Panther Strikes Again (1976) [Chief Inspector Charles Dreyfus]: Accidentally disintegrated by his own laser weapon. (Played for comic effect.) (The character was brought back without explanation in the following sequel Revenge of the Pink Panther.) (Thanks to Aaron and Derek)

The Man with Bogart's Face
(Sam Marlowe, Private Eye) (1980) [Mr. Zebra]: Shot in the head by Robert Sacchi when Herbert goes for his gun on board the yacht.

King Solomon's Mines (1985) [Colonel Bockner]: Drowned by a sea monster after Herbert triggers a trap in the mines. (Thanks to Anton)

River of Death (1989) [Colonel Ricardo Diaz]: Killed in an explosion when Michael Dudikoff throws a grenade at him. (Thanks to Johan)

Ten Little Indians (Death on Safari) (1989) [General Brancko Romensky]: Falls down a mountainside after being pushed off by Donald Pleasence. (Thanks to Johan)
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Herbert Lom in 'The Man with Bogart's Face'