Henry Gibson in 'Cyber Bandits'
Henry Gibson (1935 - 2009)
The Blues Brothers (1980) [Head Nazi]: Killed in a car crash (along with his second-in-command) when their car goes over a bridge and falls a great distance. (Even considering the cartoonish nature of the action in this movie, it's unlikely that they survived.)

Monster in the Closet (1986) [Dr. Pennyworth]: Bitten on the chest by the monster (Kevin Peter Hall) when Henry tries to communicate with it through music; he dies shortly afterwards while talking to Denise DuBarry and Donald Grant. (Played for comic effect.)

Tales from the Crypt: None But the Lonely Heart (1992) [Stanhope]: Neck snapped by Treat Williams at the end of a struggle.

Cyber Bandits (1995) [Dr. Knutsen]: Shot in the chest by Robert Hays in Robert's office.
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