Harvey Jason just before his death in 'Captains and the Kings'
Harvey Jason (1940 - )
Pamela Franklin
Captains and the Kings (1976) [Haroun 'Harry' Zieff]: Drowned (off-screen) in the sinking of the Titanic; we see him standing on the deck and waving goodbye to the lifeboats in a black & white flashback when a survivor tells Richard Jordan how Harvey saved her.

Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Big Goodbye (1988) [Felix Leech]: Playing a virtual-reality holodeck creation, he ceases to exist (along with Lawrence Tierney) when they leave the holodeck in an attempt to take over the real world. (Thanks to Stephen and Neil)

The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997) [Ajay Sidhu]: Killed by the dinosaurs. (Thanks to Neil)
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