Harry Townes (with Inger Stevens) in 'Alfred Hitchcock Presents: My Brother Richard'
Harry Townes (1914 - 2001)
Alfred Hitchcock Presents: My Brother Richard (1957) [Richard Ross]: Stabbed in the back by Lisa Golm while Harry is trying to leave with Inger Stevens as a hostage.

The Twilight Zone: The Four of Us Are Dying (1960) [Arch Hammer]: Playing a man with a shape-changing power, he is shot by Peter Brocco while in his Don Gordon form; while dying, he shifts through his other identities before finally changing back into Harry.

The Incredible Hulk: The First, Part 2 (1981) [Dell Frye]: Shot by Billy Green Bush while Harry is in his Hulk form (Dick Durock); he transforms from Dick back into Harry in death. (Thanks to Michael)
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