Hal Holbrook (1925 - )
Ex-Mr. Ruby Holbrook
Ex-Mr. Carol Rossen
Mr. Dixie Carter
Father of David Holbrook
Wild in the Streets (1968) [Senator Johnny Fergus]: Commits suicide by hanging himself; his body is shown afterwards when Millie Perkins discovers him. (Thanks to Mac)

They Only Kill Their Masters (1972) [Watkins]: Shot in the back by Harry Guardino as Hal tries to escape.

Magnum Force (1973) [Lieutenant Neil Briggs]: Killed in an explosion when he drives off in Clint Eastwood's car, after Clint had activated the bomb that had been meant for Clint.

The Fog (1980) [Father Robert Malone]: Decapitated by the pirates' ghosts. (Thanks to Bryan)

Fletch Lives (1989) [Ham Johnson]: Shot in the chest by Cleavon Little after Hal pulls his own gun in the middle of R. Lee Ermey's television broadcast.

Killshot (2008) [Papa]: Shot in the face by Mickey Rourke while Hal is lying on the bed. (Thanks to Arben)
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Hal Holbrook in 'They Only Kill Their Masters'