Guillaume Canet (1973 - )
Diane Kruger
Love Me If You Dare (Jeux d'enfants) (2003) [Julien Janvier]: Commits suicide, along with Marion Cotillard, by allowing themselves to be buried in wet cement at a construction site. The scene cuts from them embracing in the cement to a scene showing elderly versions of them (Nathalie Nattier and Robert Willar) in a nursing home, then cuts back to the cement. It's left up to the viewer's interpretation as to which version of their fate is reality and which is fantasy. (Thanks to GLC)

Tell No One (Ne le dis a personne) (2006) [Philippe Neuville]: Shot in the chest by Marie-Josee Croze after he beats her up. We first see a flashback sequence showing Andre Dussollier shooting Guillaume, when Andre makes a false confession to the murder; the actual murder is shown in a different flashback later on when Andre tells Francois Cluzet the truth.

Rivals (Les Liens du sang) (2008) [Francois Papet]: Shot repeatedly by Mehdi Nebbou. (Thanks to Thierry)
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Guillaume Canet in 'Tell No One'