Gregory Peck (with Jennifer Jones) in 'Duel in the Sun'
Gregory Peck (1916 - 2003)
Father of Tony Peck and Cecilia Peck
Duel in the Sun (1946) [Lewt McCanles]: Shot in the chest by Jennifer Jones during a shoot-out in the mountains; after he shoots her in return, she manages to crawl to him, and they die in each other's arms.

The Gunfighter (1950) [Jimmie Ringo]: Shot in the back by Skip Homeier; he dies shortly afterwards while talking to Millard Mitchell. (Thanks to Fred)

Moby Dick (1956) [Captain Ahab]: Drowned after getting tangled in his harpoon and being lashed to the whale's body.

Behold a Pale Horse
(1964) [Manuel Artiguez]: Shot to death in a shoot-out with Anthony Quinn's men. (Thanks to Fred)

The Omen (1976) [Ambassador Robert Thorn]: Shot to death by police as he is about to kill the demonic child; we only see a close-up of the gun firing, followed by a scene of Gregory's funeral. (Thanks to Robert and Fred)

The Boys from Brazil (1978) [Dr. Josef Mengele]: Mauled to death by a doberman after Jeremy Black orders it to attack.

Old Gringo (1989) [Ambrose Bierce]: Shot to death by Jimmy Smits. (Thanks to Fred)
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