Greg Kinnear in 'Auto Focus'
Greg Kinnear (1963 - )
Mystery Men (1999) [Captain Amazing a.k.a. Lance Hunt]: Simultaneously charred to a crisp and distorted beyond recognition by Geoffrey Rush's death-ray when Hank Azaria and Janeane Garofalo accidentally activate it while trying to rescue him.

Auto Focus (2002) [Bob Crane]: Bludgeoned to death with a tripod by an intruder (presumably Willem Dafoe, though no one was ever convicted in the real-life case) in Greg's bedroom. (Thanks to Tony and JF)

Godsend (Adam) (2004) [Paul Duncan]: Although he survives the actual movie, the DVD includes an alternate ending in which he's burned to death after Robert De Niro starts a fire in the church. (Thanks to Liz)

Ghost Town (2008) [Frank Herlihy]: Hit by a bus, after narrowly escaping being hit by a falling air conditioning unit; he appears as a ghost seen by Ricky Gervais throughout the rest of the movie. (Thanks to ND, Mathew, and Tommy)
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