Glenn Quinn in 'R.S.V.P.' (2002)
Glenn Quinn (1970 - 2002)
Angel: Hero (1999) [Allen Francis Doyle]: Reportedly burned to death/vaporized while deactivating a deadly device; we see him vanish in a burst of light. (There had been plans on bringing the character back at some point, but Glenn's real-life death prevented that from ever happening.) (I haven't seen this episode myself.) (Thanks to Mids)

At Any Cost (2000) [Ben]: Reportedly shot to death by police, who had mistaken his cell-phone for a gun. (I haven't seen this movie myself.) (Thanks to Mids)

R.S.V.P. (2002) [Professor Hal Evans]: Stabbed in the stomach by Rick Otto during a struggle in the apartment. (A post-credits "stinger" show's Glenn's eyes suddenly opening, suggesting that he's still alive, so it's arguable as to whether this actually constitutes a death scene or not.)
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