Glenn Plummer (1966 - )
Strange Days (1995) [Jericho One]: Shot in the head by Vincent D'Onofrio after Vincent pulls him over; shown in a virtual-reality "playback" when Angela Bassett "watches" what Brigitte Bako had witnessed.

The Substitute (1996) [Mr. Darrell Sherman]: Hanged by drug dealers in the school gym, after he discovers their stash. (Thanks to L.)

Thursday (1998) [Rasta Man]: Shot several time in the chest (along with James LeGros) by Mickey Rourke while Glenn and James are hanging upside-down in Thomas Jane's garage; his body is shown again afterwards when Thomas prepares to get rid of all the bodies.

The Salton Sea (2002) [Bobby]: Thrown over a hotel-room balcony (off-screen) by Anthony LaPaglia and Doug Hutchison; his body is shown lying on the ground afterwards.

Gang of Roses (2003) [Johnny Handsome]: Shot in the chest (along with his accomplice) by Lil' Kim in her bedroom, after he tries to take her money.

Saw II (2005) [Jonas]: Hit in the head with a nail-studded baseball bat by Franky G. (Thanks to Gary)
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Glenn Plummer in 'Gang of Roses'