George Zucco (1886 - 1960)
Fast Company (The Rare-Book Murder) (1938) [Otto Brockler]: Shot to death (off-screen) by Claire Dodd; we learn of his death afterwards when the police inform Melvyn Douglas.

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (1939) [Professor Moriarty]: Falls to his death from the Tower of London at the end of a struggle with Basil Rathbone. (Thanks to Jeffrey)

The Cat and the Canary (1939) [Lawyer Crosby]: Killed (off-screen) by Douglass Montgomery; his body is shown afterwards when it's discovered behind a secret panel.

Dr. Renault's Secret (1942) [Dr. Renault]: Killed by J. Carrol Naish just as George is about to shoot Shepperd Strudwick.

The Mad Monster (1942) [Dr. Lorenzo Cameron]: Strangled by Glenn Strange in an upstairs hallway; we only see their shadows on the wall during the murder. George's body is shown afterwards when Glenn carries him around in the burning house.

Dead Men Walk (1943) [Dr. Lloyd Clayton/Elwyn Clayton]: Playing a dual role as twin brothers, "Elwyn" is pushed off of a cliff (off-screen) by "Lloyd" shortly before the movie begins; his body is shown lying in his coffin during his funeral. "Elwyn" later comes back to life with supernatural powers; eventually, both "Elwyn" and "Lloyd" are burned to death when the house catches fire as they're struggling with each other.

House of Frankenstein (1944) [Professor Bruno Lampini]: Strangled by J. Carrol Naish (acting on Boris Karloff's orders) in his circus caravan; we only see J. Carrol advancing on George, followed by a shot of J. Carrol letting George's body drop to the floor.

Fog Island (1945) [Leo Grainger]: Stabbed in the chest by Lionel Atwill after George confronts him.

Who Killed Doc Robbin? (Curley and His Gang in the Haunted Mansion; Sinister House) (1948) [Dr. Hugo Robbin]: Shot to death by police while wearing a gorilla costume; his identity is revealed after the "gorilla" is unmasked.
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George Zucco in 'Dead Men Walk'