George Wendt in 'Dreamscape'
George Wendt (1948 - )
Mr. Bernadette Birkett
Dreamscape (1984) [Charlie Prince]: Shot in the chest by one of Christopher Plummer's men in a crowded sports arena, while Dennis Quaid looks on helplessly. (Thanks to Mac)

Tales from the Crypt: The Reluctant Vampire (1991) [Mr. Crossway]: Stabbed in the heart with a wooden stake by Michael Berryman, who had mistaken him for a vampire. (Thanks to PortsGuy)

Anarchy TV (1997) [Abbey Archer]: Killed (off-screen) by members of a vast right-wing conspiracy, using an unspecified method resembling natural causes, shortly before the movie begins. George only appears in a televised interview filmed before his death, and Matt Winston later discovers proof of George's murder.
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