George Dzundza in 'The Limbic Region'
George Dzundza (1945 - )
No Way Out (1987) [Sam Hesselman]: Shot in the head by Will Patton in the Pentagon gymnasium. (Thanks to Matt)

The Beast (The Beast of War) (1988) [Daskal]: Killed by a mob of Afghan women after his tank breaks down in the ruins of their village. (I haven't seen this movie myself.) (Thanks to Stephen)

Law & Order: Confession (1991) [Sergeant Max Greevey]: Shot to death (off-screen) by a hitman. (George did not actually appear in this episode; his character's death was written in to explain his departure from the series.) (Thanks to Robert and Mac)

Basic Instinct (1992) [Gus Moran]: Stabbed repeatedly in the neck with an icepick by a woman in an elevator; he dies shortly after Michael Douglas discovers him. (The movie initially indicates that the killer was Jeanne Tripplehorn, but also hints later on that it might have been Sharon Stone.)

The Limbic Region (1996) [Lloyd]: Shot in the head by the mortally-wounded Edward James Olmos in a police station.

City by the Sea (2002) [Reg Duffy]: Shot repeatedly by William Forsythe (who had mistaken him for James Franco); he then falls down the stairwell shaft. His body is shown afterwards when Nestor Serrano discovers him after hearing the shots. (Thanks to ND)
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