Gary Busey (1944 - )
Father of
Jake Busey
The Magnificent Seven Ride! (1972) [Hank Allan]: Shot to death, along with Robert Jaffe, by Lee Van Cleef. (Thanks to Michael)

Gunsmoke: The Busters (1975) [Harve Daley]: Shot to death. (I haven't seen this episode, but Gary's IMDB listing notes that he was the last man killed in the long-running series.)

The Buddy Holly Story (1978) [Charles Hardin 'Buddy' Holly]: Killed in a plane crash (off-screen), along with Gailard Sartain and Gilbert Melgar. (It's been a long time since I've seen this movie, but I believe it ended with some on-screen text relating the facts of the crash.)

Straight Time (1978) [Willy Darin]: Killed by Dustin Hoffman. (Thanks to Michael)

Let's Get Harry (The Rescue) (1986) [Jack]: Killed in a battle with the Colombian forces. (Thanks to Michael)

Lethal Weapon (1987) [Mr. Joshua]: Shot in the chest by both Mel Gibson and Danny Glover, after Gary breaks away from the other officers arresting him. (Thanks to Gary)

Hider in the House (1989) [Tom Sykes]: Shot to death by police when he tries to kill Mimi Rogers. (Thanks to Michael)

Predator 2 (1990) [Peter Keyes]: Bisected when the Predator throws a razor-sharp disc at him. (Thanks to Gary)

Point Break (1991) [FBI Agent Angelo Pappas]: Killed by Patrick Swayze's thugs. (Thanks to Michael)

Wild Texas Wind (1991) [Justice Hayden Parker]: Killed by Dolly Parton. (Thanks to Michael)

Under Siege (1992) [Commander Krill]: Killed in an explosion when his submarine blows up. (Thanks to Gary)

The Firm (1993) [Eddie Lomax]: Shot in the chest by Dean Norris in Gary's office. (Thanks to Gary)

Drop Zone (1994) [Ty Moncrief]: Thrown from a building by Wesley Snipes (who parachutes to safety); he lands on a truck below. (Thanks to Gary)

Surviving the Game (1994) [Doc Hawkins]: Killed in an explosion after Ice-T traps him in a booby-trapped room. (Thanks to Gary)

Man with a Gun (Gun for Hire; Hired for Killing) (1996) [Jack Rushton]: Shot in the back by Jennifer Tilly as Gary is about to shoot Michael Madsen. (Thanks to Gary)

Lethal Tender (Deadly Currents) (1997) [Mr. Turner]: Shot to death by Kim Coates. (Thanks to ND)

The Rage (1997) [Art Dacy]: Killed by Lorenzo Lamas. (Thanks to Gary)

Soldier (1998) [Captain Church]: Shot in the stomach by Jason Isaacs. (Thanks to Gary)

Universal Soldier II: Brothers in Arms (1998) [Otto Mazur]: Killed in a fight with Jeff Wincott. (Thanks to ND)

Hot Boyz (Gang Law) (1999) [Tully]: Shot to death in a shoot-out with Snoop Dogg. (Thanks to Michael)

Two Shades of Blue (2000) [Jack Reynolds]: Shot in the back by Patsy Pease while Gary is holding a gun on Rachel Hunter on the porch of the beachhouse.

The Gingerdead Man (2005) [Millard Findlemeyer]: Executed in the electric chair; he is brought back to life when his spirit is place in a life-sized gingerbread man. (Thanks to ND)
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Gary Busey in 'The Firm'