Fred Beir (with Ross Martin) in 'The Twilight Zone: Death Ship'
Fred Beir (1927 - 1980)
The Twilight Zone: Death Ship (1963) [Lt. Carter]: Killed (off-screen), along with Jack Klugman and Ross Martin, when their ship crashes on an alien planet; their bodies are shown afterwards when they discover their own bodies. A variety of explanations are offered for the situation (time travel, a telepathic illusion), until it's revealed that the crew are actually ghosts, being prevented from moving on to the afterlife by Jack's refusal to accept his death.

Ellery Queen: The Adventure of the Hardhearted Huckster (1976) [James Bevin Long]: Stabbed in the back (off-screen) by Eddie Bracken in Fred's office bathroom; his body is shown afterwards when Eddie, Jim Hutton, and Ken Swofford rush in after hearing Juliet Mills scream. (Thanks to Dignan)

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