Frank Moran in 'The Corpse Vanishes'
Frank Moran being strangled by Bela Lugosi in 'The Corpse Vanishes'
Frank Moran (1887 - 1967)
Former professional boxer
The Corpse Vanishes (The Case of the Missing Brides) (1942) [Angel]: Strangled by Bela Lugosi in Bela's basement laboratory. His body is shown again afterwards when Luana Walters discovers him.

Return of the Ape Man (1944) [Ape Man]: His brain dies when Bela Lugosi surgically removes his brain in order to transplant John Carradine's brain into Frank's body. His body (with John's brain) is burned to death when he sets fire to Bela's laboratory. (Thanks to Dignan)

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