Frank DeKova in 'Machine-Gun Kelly'
Frank DeKova (1910 - 1981)
Machine-Gun Kelly (1958) [Harry]: Shot in the throat during a shoot-out with police at Charles Bronson's hideout.

Teenage Cave Man (Out of the Darkness; Prehistoric World) (1958) [The Black-Bearded One]: Shot in the chest with an arrow by Robert Vaughn, after Frank drops a large rock on the head of the "monster" (actually a man in a radiation suit).

Day of the Outlaw (1959) [Denver]: Killed (off-screen) by either Lance Fuller or Jack Lambert; his body is shown afterwards by the campfire when Robert Ryan discovers him. (Thanks to Brian)

Johnny Firecloud (1975) [White Eagle]: Hanged when a group of townspeople string him up from a tree and have him stand in the flatbed of Richard Kennedy's truck (intending only to terrorize him), only to be really hanged when Richard loses control of the truck and drives out from under him.

Cat in the Cage (1978) [Rachid Khan]: My memory of this movie is hazy, but I believe he was thrown overboard from his yacht by either Sybil Danning or Mel Novak.

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