Frank Bolger
a.k.a. Franklin H. Bolger
Mudhoney (Rope of Flesh) (1965) [Brother Hansen]: Shot in the chest by John Furlong after Frank kills Hal Hopper.

Common Law Cabin (Big Six; Conjugal Cabin; How Much Loving Does a Normal Couple Need?) (1967) [Cracker]: Shot in the chest by Ken Swofford while Frank is approaching in his speedboat; he dies shortly after the boat runs aground.

Cherry, Harry & Raquel! (Megavixens; Three Ways to Love) (1970) [Mr. Franklin]: Throat slit (off-screen) by Bert Santos in Frank's hospital room; his body is shown afterwards when Larissa Ely gets into bed with Frank before discovering that he's dead.
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Frank Bolger in 'Common Law Cabin'