Forrest Landis (right) with Jamie Lee Redmon (left) in 'The Skeleton Key'
Forrest Landis & Jamie Lee Redmon dying in Ronald McCall & Jeryl Prescott's bodies in 'The Skeleton Key'
Forrest Landis (1994 - )
The Skeleton Key (2005) [Martin Thorpe]: After Ronald McCall and Jeryl Prescott use magic to switch bodies with Forrest and Jamie Lee Redmon, Forrest's spirit dies in Ronald's body when Ronald is hanged and burned by a group of drunken party guests. Forrest's body dies (off-screen) many years later of old age/natural causes, after Ronald's spirit switches bodies with John Hurt. (The adult/elderly version of Forrest's character is never shown on-screen.) (Thanks to Ryoko)
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