Fernando Lamas in '100 Rifles'
Fernando Lamas (1915 - 1982)
Ex-Mr. Perla Mux
Ex-Mr. Arlene Dahl
Mr. Esther Williams
Father of
Lorenzo Lamas
Grandfather of A.J. & Shayne Lamas, and
Paton Ashbrook
The Lost World (1960) [Manuel Gomez]: Burned to death by lava when he sacrifices himself by releasing the lava to destroy a dinosaur.

The Virginian: We've Lost a Train (1965) [Captain Estrada]: Stabbed to death by Yaqui warriors, after the guns that he'd sold them backfire.

Valley of Mystery (1967) [Francisco Rivera]: Shot to death by Richard Egan as Fernando tries to escape.

100 Rifles (1969) [General Verdugo]: Beaten to death by Yaqui warriors after they surround him.
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