Farley Granger (1925 - 2011)
Senso (Livia; The Wanton Countess) (1954) [Franz Mahler]: Executed by a firing squad after Alida Valli turns him in to the Austrian military authorities. (Thanks to Eugene)

Amuck (Alla ricerca del piacere; Hot Bed of Sex; Leather and Whips; Maniac Mansion) (1972) [Richard Stuart]: Stabbed in the stomach by Dino Mele when Dino turns Farley's knife back on him.

Arnold (1973) [Evan Lyons]: Crushed to death, along with Stella Stevens, when the walls of the shower close in on them in a deathtrap set up by Norman Stuart and Elsa Lanchester. The camera pans upwards as the walls close in, so we only see the shower head get crushed.

Widow (1976) [Martin Caine]: I haven't seen this, but I've read that the movie's premise concerns Michael Learned's efforts to re-adjust to life after Farley's death (I don't know the cause).

The Prowler (The Graduation; Rosemary's Killer) (1981) [Sheriff George Fraser]: Decapitated by a point-blank shotgun blast. (Thanks to Pat)
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Farley Granger in 'Amuck'