Eugene Byrd in 'Dead Man' (1995)
Eugene Byrd's death in 'Dead Man'
Eugene Byrd (1975 - )
Dead Man (1995) [Johnny 'The Kid' Pickett]: Shot in the back of the head by Lance Henriksen by a watering hole.

Sleepers (1996) [Rizzo]: Beaten to death (off-screen) by Kevin Bacon and Jeffrey Donovan. (Thanks to Robert)

The Substitute 2: School's Out (The Substitute: Out of Siberia) (1998) [Mase]: Killed (off-screen) in a car crash while being chased by police; we learn of his death afterwards when Treat Williams informs the classroom. (Thanks to Robert)

Lift (2001) [Angelo]: Shot to death by Sticky Fingaz. (Thanks to Michael)

Pinata: Survival Island (Demon Island) (2002) [Doug]: Hanged from a tree by the monster. (Thanks to Michael)
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