Eriq Ebouaney (left) and Edouarde Montoute (right) in 'Femme Fatale'
Eriq Ebouaney (1967 - )
Lumumba (2000) [Patrice Emery Lumumba]: Executed by a firing squad. (I haven't seen this film, so I don't know whether it depicts Lumumba's death or ends before his death.)

Femme Fatale (2002) [Black Tie]: Impaled (along with Edouard Montoute) on the lowered gate of a truck, after Salvatore Ingoglia loses control of his own truck and hits them while Eriq and Edouard are trying to kidnap Rie Rasmussen.

Hitman (2007) [Bwana Ovie]: Killed in an explosion when Timothy Olyphant detonates a bomb that Timothy had planted inside Youssef Diawara.
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