Eric Sykes (left) with Fionnula Flanagan in 'The Others'
Eric Sykes (1923 - 2012)
Theatre of Blood (Much Ado About Murder) (1973) [Sergeant Dogge]: Killed (off-screen) when a train hits the car while he's hiding in the trunk; we only hear the sound of the crash over the police radio while Milo O'Shea listens to Eric's transmission.

The Others (2001) [Mr. Tuttle]: Dies of tuberculosis (off-screen) many years before the story takes place; his body is shown (along with those of Fionnula Flanagan and Elaine Cassidy) in a vintage photograph that Nicole Kidman discovers, causing her to realize that Eric, Fionnula and Elaine are ghosts.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005) [Frank Bryce]: Killed with the Avada Kedavra curse by Timothy Spall, after Ralph Fiennes informs Timothy that Eric is spying at the door; the scene immediately cuts away to Daniel Radcliffe waking from his vision of the murder.
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