Eric Roberts in 'Star 80'
Eric Roberts (1956 - )
Brother of
Julia Roberts
Mr. Eliza (Garrett) Roberts
Father of Emma Roberts
Miss Lonelyhearts (1983) [Miss Lonelyhearts]: Presumably shot to death. (I haven't seen this movie, but I vaguely remember the ending of the original Nathanael West story.)

Star 80 (1983) [Paul Snider]: Commits suicide by shooting himself in the forehead in his bedroom, after killing Mariel Hemingway. (Nudity alert: Rear)

Lonely Hearts (1991) [Frank Ciccheti]: Shot in the chest by Beverly D'Angelo after he turns his gun on her.

Final Analysis (1992) [Jimmy Evans]: Beaten to death with a barbell by Kim Basinger. (Thanks to Robert)

Voyage (Cruise of Fear) (1993) [Gil Freeland]: Killed in a struggle with Rutger Hauer and Karen Allen. (Thanks to PortsGuy)

The Hard Truth (1994) [Chandler Etheridge]: Shot repeatedly in the chest by Lysette Anthony after he meets her to split up the stolen money. (Thanks to Dick Hertz)

The Specialist (1994) [Tomas Leon]: Killed in an explosion after Sylvester Stallone rigs a bomb in Eric's coffee cup. (Thanks to Gary and Michael)

The Nature of the Beast (Bad Company; Hatchet Men) (1995) [Adrian (Dusty)]: Killed by Lance Henriksen. (Thanks to Melanie and Lauran)

The Cable Guy (1996) [Eric Roberts]: Playing himself playing a dual role (portraying Ben Stiller's twin characters) in a film-within-the-film sequence, one Eric shoots the other Eric. The clip ends before the shot is fired.

Doctor Who (Doctor Who: Storm Warning; Doctor Who: The Enemy Within) (1996) [The Master/Bruce]: Playing a dual role, "Bruce" is killed by "The Master," who assumes his form. "The Master" is later sucked into the Eye of Harmony (though he may possibly return, presumably in a new form, in the new series). (Thanks to PortsGuy and Julian)

In Cold Blood (1996) [Perry Smith]: Executed by hanging.(Thanks to Gary)

It's My Party (1996) [Nick Stark]: Commits suicide by taking an overdose of sleeping pills (after being diagnosed with AIDS-related brain lesions), after throwing a farewell party for his friends. (It's been some time since I've seen this movie, so I can't recall whether it ended before or after his death.)

The Odyssey
(1997) [Eurymachus]: Shot in the back with an arrow by Armand Assante as Eric tries to run away. (Thanks to Stephen)

Oz: Capital P (1997) [Prisoner #97L641, Richard L'Italien]: Executed by lethal injection. (Thanks to Robert)

The Hunger: The Dream Sentinel (1999) [Jean]: Appears as a ghost, having been shot in the chest some time before the story begins. (Thanks to Andrew)

Purgatory (1999) [Blackjack Britton]: Shot to death by Sam Shepard. (Thanks to Gary)

Facade (Death Valley) (2000) [Colin Wentworth]: Shot repeatedly in the chest in a shoot-out with Joe Viterelli on a tennis court.

Luck of the Draw (2000) [Carlo]: Neck snapped by Patrick Kilpatrick. (Thanks to Gary)

Two Shades of Blue (2000) [Calvin Stasi]: Shot in the chest and stomach by Rachel Hunter on the porch of the beachhouse; he then falls over the railing and onto the ground some distance below.

Con Games (2001) [Officer Hopkins]: Killed during a prison riot. (Thanks to Gary)

Stiletto Dance (2001) [Kit Adrian]: Shot in the chest by Romano Orzari while Shawn Doyle is using Eric as a shield, after Eric orders Romano to shoot thorugh him.

Strange Frequency: My Generation (2001) [Bob Henry]: Killed in a car crash, along with Christopher Masterson, after Tom Heaton cuts the brake line. (Thanks to Robert)

Breakaway (Christmas Rush) (2002) [Scalzetti]: Shot by police while he's climbing a ladder in an attempt to escape; he dies shortly afterwards while talking to Dean Cain. (Thanks to Neil)

National Security (2003) [Nash]: Thrown from a cliff. (Thanks to Gary)

Killer Weekend (2004) [Jack Talbot]: Hit on the head with a trophy by Jennifer Farrell. (Thanks to Gary)

CSI Miami: Whacked (2005) [Ken Kramer]: Commits suicide by eating a peanut-butter sandwich (causing him to go into anaphylactic shock due to an allergic reaction). (Thanks to PortsGuy)

DOA: Dead or Alive (2006) [Donovan]: Killed in an explosion when he's trapped in his headquarters as it self-destructs, after being paralyzed with an acupuncture needle by Devon Aoki. (Thanks to ND)

Heroes: Landslide (2007) [Thompson]: Shot in the head by Jack Coleman just as Eric is about to shoot Greg Grunberg. (Thanks to Neil and Aaron)

Cyclops (2008) [Emperor Tiberius Caesar]: Neck snapped by the Cyclops, after the Cyclops is freed from the arena. (Thanks to Stephen)

Dark Honeymoon (2008) [L.A. Guy]: Stabbed to death by Lindy Booth in a coffee-shop restroom. (It's later revealed that everything we've seen is a lie told by Nick Cornish, and that Nick is the actual killer.)

The Dark Knight (2008) [Salvatore Maroni]: Killed in a car crash after Aaron Eckhart shoots Eric's limo driver. (Thanks to Mathew, Andrew, ND, and Tommy)

Fear Itself: Spooked (2008) [Harry Siegal/Harry Bender]: Shot in the chest by Larry Gilliard Jr., after Eric takes Cynthia Watros' gun and Larry mistakenly assumes Eric is trying to kill Cynthia. (Thanks to Andrew and JOK)

The Expendables (2010) [James Munroe]: Simultaneously shot in the chest by Sylvester Stallone and stabbed in the back when Jason Statham throws a knife at him. (Thanks to ND, Tommy, and Pez)

Hunt to Kill (2010) [Lee Davis]: Killed in an explosion when the meth lab blows up (on top of having been shot by one of the drug dealers), after he tells Steve Austin to get out and save himself.

Sharktopus (2010) [Dr. Nathan Sands]: Stabbed in the neck by one of the sharktopus' tentacles; he dies shortly afterwards while talking to his daughter (Sara Malakul Lane). (Thanks to Stephen)
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