Eric Pierpoint in 'Holes' (2003)
Eric Pierpoint (1950 - )
Where Truth Lies (1996) [Joe McNamara]: Neck snapped at the end of a struggle with John Savage, after John comes home and discovers that Eric has killed Candice Daly. (It's suggested that the whole sequence is one of John's delusions, implying that neither Eric nor Candice is actually dead at all.)

Babylon 5: The Deconstruction of Falling Stars (1997) [Daniel]: Killed in an explosion when enemy forces bomb his base, after the holographic computer simulation of Jerry Doyle signals their position. (Thanks to Neil)

Holes (2003) [Sheriff]: Shot in the chest by Patricia Arquette in his office; she then kisses him on the cheek to leave her lipprints as a calling card.
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