Eric Bana (1968 - )
Troy (2004) [Hector]: Stabbed in the chest with a spear at the end of a fight with Brad Pitt. His body is shown again afterwards as Brad drags it behind his chariot. (Thanks to Gary, Emily, Scott, Katherine, Alison, Grde, Brittany, and Tommy)

Star Trek (2009) [Nero]: Killed when his ship is pulled into the artificially-created black hole. (Thanks to Brittany and Tommy)

The Time Traveler's Wife (2009) [Henry DeTamble]: Accidentally shot in the stomach by Philip Craig when Eric materializes in the woods and Philip mistakes him for a deer; he dies shortly after rematerializing in his home, with Rachel McAdams kneeling by his side.

Hanna (2011) [Erik Heller]: Shot to death by Cate Blanchett; we only see Cate firing. (Thanks to Tommy)
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Eric Bana (with Rachel McAdams) in 'The Time Traveler's Wife'