Ed O'Ross in 'Spanish Judges'
Ed O'Ross (1946 - )
Full Metal Jacket (1987) [Lt. Touchdown]: Shot repeatedly by Viet Cong snipers. (Thanks to Gary)

Red Heat (1988) [Viktor 'Rosta' Rostavili]: Shot to death by Arnold Schwarzenegger at the train station. (Thanks to Gary)

Another 48 Hrs. (1990) [Frank Cruise]: Shot to death by Nick Nolte. (Thanks to Gary)

Dick Tracy (1990) [Itchy]: Shot to death in a shoot-out with Warren Beatty. (Thanks to Neil)

Spanish Judges (Ruthless Behaviour) (1999) [The Bossman]: Shot in the head by Valeria Golino in a garage, as Ed is about to shoot Mark Boone Jr.
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