Dudley Moore (left) with Peter Cook (right) in 'Not Only...But Also: Episode 2.7'
Dudley Moore (1935 - 2002)
Suzy Kendall
Tuesday Weld
Ex-Mr. Brogan Lane
Not Only...But Also: Episode 2.7 (1966) [Various Characters]: In the "Superthunderstingcar" sketch (a parody of Gerry Anderson's marionette programs), "Brains" is shot with a "futuristic" gun (actually a ping-pong-ball gun) by Peter Cook, while "Johnny" is killed when Peter cuts his strings with scissors. In the "Pete and Dud in Heaven" sketch, Peter and Dudley appear as spirits arriving at the Pearly Gates. (All played for comic effect, obviously.) (Both of these sketches are included on the DVD compilation The Best of...What's Left of...Not Only...But Also.)

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