Duane Jones in 'Night of the Living Dead' (1968)
Duane Jones (1936 - 1988)
Night of the Living Dead (1968) [Ben]: Shot in the head by a posse member who had mistaken him for a zombie, when Duane emerges from the basement. His body is shown being placed on a pile of bodies and set on fire in a series of still photos during the closing credits. (Thanks to Robert, Wen, and Larry)

Ganja & Hess (Black Evil; Black Vampire; Blackout: The Moment of Terror; Blood Couple; Double Possession; Vampires of Harlem) (1973) [Dr. Hess Green]: Stabbed with a cursed dagger by Bill Gunn; he then comes back to life as a vampire, and finally commits suicide by praying in the shadow of a crucifix. After his death, there is a scene of him emerging naked from a pool and running across the lawn; presumably this is meant as a symbol of his spiritual rebirth rather than a literal return to life. (The "rebirth" scene is absent from the version released as Blood Couple and its numerous VHS retitlings, but has been restored in the US DVD of Ganja & Hess.) (Nudity alert: Full frontal in "rebirth" scene)
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