Don Stroud in 'The Killer Inside Me'
Don Stroud (1943 - )
Son of Clarence Stroud
(Vaudeville performer)
Games (1967) [Norman]: Shot to death by Katherine Ross (in a situation manipulated by James Caan and Simone Signoret).

Journey to Shiloh (1968) [Todo McLean]: Shot in the chest during the Battle of Shiloh; he dies shortly after James Caan discovers him on the battlefield. (Thanks to Brian)

Bloody Mama (1970) [Herman Barker]: Shot to death in a shoot-out with the FBI.

Joe Kidd (1972) [Lamarr Simms]: Falls to his death when Clint Eastwood opens a trapdoor beneath him. (Thanks to Tim)

The Killer Inside Me (1976) [Elmer]: Shot in the chest by Stacy Keach in Susan Tyrrell's trailer.

Licence to Kill (1989) [Heller]: Impaled on a forklift (off-screen) by Robert Davi's men; his body is shown afterwards when Timothy Dalton and Carey Lowell discover him. (Thanks to Tal and Grde)

The Alien Within (1995) [Louis]: Killed when the alien takes over his body and animates it; his body dies once again when the alien leaves it. (Thanks to Dignan)

Django Unchained (2012) [Sheriff Bill Sharp]: Shot in the stomach and head by Christoph Waltz in the street, as the townspeople look on in horror. (Thanks to Matthew, Arben, and Tim)

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