Don Johnson in 'Machete'
Don Johnson's death in 'Machete'
Don Johnson (1949 - )
Melanie Griffith (divorced, remarried, divorced again)
Father of Dakota Johnson
Guilty as Sin (1993) [David Edgar Greenhill]: Falls to his death from a balcony during a struggle with Rebecca De Mornay (who survives the fall). (Thanks to ND and Mike)

Goodbye Lover (1998) [Ben Dunmore]: Thrown off of a cliff by Patricia Arquette and Dermot Mulroney; he catches hold of a neon sign on the way down, but falls to his death after losing his grip. (Thanks to ND)

Machete (2010) [Von Jackson]: Shot in the head by Michelle Rodriguez when Don reaches for his gun in his jeep; we only see the blood splatter onto the dashboard. (Thanks to ND and Tommy)

Django Unchained (2012) [Big Daddy]: Shot to death by Jamie Foxx while Don is riding away; we only see Don falling off his horse. (Thanks to Tommy, Matthew, Jack, Tim, Arben, and ND)

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