Don Francks in 'Terminal Choice'
Don Francks (1932 - )
Mr. Lili Francks
Father of Cree Summer and Rainbow Francks
The Wild Wild West: The Night of the Grand Emir (1966) [T. Wiggett Jones]: Poisoned when he gets knocked into a glass "gas chamber" at the end of a fight with Robert Conrad.

Heavy Metal (1981; animated) [Grimaldi/Co-Pilot/Barbarian]: Voicing multiple characters in the different stories, "Grimaldi" is disintegrated/melted by the mysterious glowing orb. "Co-Pilot" is killed by a zombie crew member on the plane. "Barbarian" is presumably killed in a battle with Taarna (though I'm not sure which of the many barbarians was voiced by Don, so I can't be certain).

Rock & Rule (1983; animated) [Mok]: Knocked into a mystical portal/abyss by Toad (voiced by Chris Wiggins) before the portal closes. (I'm not certain whether this counts as a death or not, but I'll list it just in case.)

Terminal Choice (Critical List; Death Bed; Trauma) (1985) [Chauncy Rand]: Electrocuted when David McCallum programs an automated defibrillator to shock him repeatedly on the hospital bed, as Diane Venora tries to stop it.
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