Don Ameche in the afterlife in 'Heaven Can Wait' (1943)
Don Ameche (1908 - 1993)
Brother of Jim Ameche
Ramona (1936) [Alessandro]: Shot to death by John Carradine.

Sins of Man (1936) [Karl Freyman/Gabriel Freyman a.k.a. Mario Signarelli]: Playing a dual role as brothers, "Karl" is killed in a plane crash. ("Gabriel/Mario" survives the movie.)

In Old Chicago (1938) [Jack O'Leary]: Shot to death by one of Brian Donlevy's men.

Heaven Can Wait (1943) [Henry Van Cleve]: Dies in his sleep (off-screen) of old age/natural causes; the movie begins with him arriving in the afterlife, as he proceeds to tell his life story to Laird Cregar. (For the afterlife scenes and the later-life flashbacks, Don is made up to look much older than he actually was at the time.)

A Fever in the Blood (1961) [Senator Alex S. Simon]: Dies in the hospital while talking to Efrem Zimbalist Jr., after having had a heart attack during an argument with Angie Dickinson. (Thanks to Gordon)
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