Donal Logue in 'Comic Book Villains'
Donal Logue's death (out of focus in background) in 'Comic Book Villains'
Donal Logue (1966 - )
Blade (1998) [Quinn]: Stabbed in the chest with a silver stake by Wesley Snipes. (Thanks to Amanda)

Reindeer Games (2000) [Pug]: Shot to death in the big shoot-out during the casino robbery. (Thanks to Eric)

Comic Book Villains (2002) [Raymond McGillicudy]: Shot repeatedly by police after he pulls out a gun in front of Natasha Lyonne's comic-book store; we see the shooting out of focus in the background through the store window. (Thanks to Curtis)

Ghost Rider (2007) [Mack]: Life-force drained by Wes Bentley, while Eva Mendes looks on in shock. (Thanks to Andrew, Michael, and Kyle)

Max Payne (2008) [Alex Balder]: Throat slit by an assassin; his body is shown afterwards when Mark Wahlberg discovers him. (Thanks to ND)

Shark Night 3D (2011) [Sheriff Greg Sabin]: Eaten by tiger sharks after Donal runs into the water after being set on fire by Dustin Milligan. (Thanks to ND)

Silent Night (2012) [Santa Jim]: Beaten to death with brass knuckles by Rick Skene in the police station jail; his body is shown again afterwards when Jaime King discovers him. (Thanks to Tim and Tommy)

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