Dominic Monaghan in vision in 'Lost: Catch-22'
Dominic Monaghan (1976 - )
Lost: All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues (2004) [Charlie Pace]: Is briefly clinically dead after being hanged (off-screen) by William Mapother; Matthew Fox manages to revive Dominic after discovering him. (Thanks to Neil)

Lost: Catch-22 (2007) [Charlie Pace]: Shot in the throat with an arrow while walking through the jungle; this turns out to be a vision seen by Henry Ian Cusick, and Dominic survives the episode in reality. (Thanks to Dan)

Lost: Through the Looking Glass (2007) [Charlie Pace]: Drowned after he locks himself in the flooding underwater facility, as Henry Ian Cusick looks on helplessly. (Thanks to Dan)

X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) [Chris Bradley a.k.a. Bolt]: Slashed to death (off-screen) by Liev Schreiber at the carnival; we only hear Dominic screaming over an exterior shot of the carnival as all the lights go out (due to Dominic's powers over electricity). (Thanks to Tommy)
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