Dirk Bogarde in 'The Fixer' (1968)
Dirk Bogarde (1921 - 1999)
Quartet (1948) [George Bland]: Commits suicide (off-screen) by shooting himself in his study; we hear the shot from outside, and his body is shown afterwards when Honor Blackman runs in and discovers him.

Damn the Defiant! (H.M.S. Defiant) (1962) [Lieutenant Scott-Padget]: Stabbed to death by Tom Bell. (Thanks to Gordon)

The Fixer (1968) [Bibikov]: Hanged (off-screen) in a cell by prison officials, simulating a suicide; his body is shown afterwards when Alan Bates discovers him.

The Damned (La Caduta degli dei; Gotterdammerung; Die Verdammten) (1969) [Frederick Bruckmann]: Commits suicide (off-screen), along with Ingrid Thulin, by taking poison after their son (Helmut Berger) sets the poison on the table in front of them and leaves them alone; their bodies are shown on the couch afterwards when Helmut returns to check on them. (Thanks to Johan)

Justine (1969) [Pursewarden]: Commits suicide by taking a cyanide capsule. (Thanks to Gordon)

Death in Venice (Morte a Venezia) (1971) [Gustav von Aschenbach]: Dies of cholera while sitting on the beach and watching Bjorn Andresen.

The Night Porter (Il Portiere di notte) (1974) [Maximilian Theo Aldorfer]: Shot to death (along with Charlotte Rampling) by an unseen sniper while walking along a bridge. Shown from a distance.
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