Diedrich Bader (1966 - )
Mr. Dulcy Rogers
The Assassination File (Out in the Cold) (1996) [Scott McDonough]: Shot in the head, though I don't know by whom. (I haven't seen this movie, but it's mentioned in his IMDB biography as his first death scene.)

Gargoyles: Hunter's Moon Part 3 (1996; animated) [Jason Canmore/Charles Canmore]: Playing a dual role as father and son, the father "Charles" is knocked off of the roof of Notre Dame Cathedral at the end of a fight with Demona (voiced by Marina Sirtis), in a flashback sequence. (The son "Jason" survives the episode.) (Thanks to Neil)

Dead & Breakfast (2004) [Chef Henri]: Throat slit (off-screen) by David Carradine; his body is shown afterwards when the hotel guests discover him.

CSI: Two and a Half Deaths (2008) [Bud Parker]: Presumably bleeds to death after he cuts himself shaving; the episode ends with him bleeding profusely and remarking "That's not good." (Because the episode ends before he actually dies, this is the "half" of a death mentioned in the title.) (Played for comic effect.)

Meet the Spartans (2008) [Traitoro]: After transforming into a mass of living sand (a parody of Thomas Haden Church's role in Spider-Man 3), he is sucked up with a vacuum cleaner by Carmen Electra. (Played for comic effect.)
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Diedrich Bader in 'Dead and Breakfast'