Devon Sawa in the alternate ending of 'Final Destination'
Devon Sawa (1978 - )
Casper (1995) [Casper]: Frozen to death after being stranded in the snow. (Devon plays Casper as he appeared in life, but throughout most of the movie, the ghost was a CGI effect voiced by Malachi Pearson.) (Thanks to Ethan)

Final Destination (2000) [Alex Chance Browning]: Although Devon survives the actual movie, the DVD includes an alternate ending in which he is electrocuted and burned to death when he grabs a power cable in order to save Ali Larter.

"Stan" (2000) [Eminem music video]: Commits suicide by driving his car over a bridge into the river (with Dido tied up in the trunk), after recording a message to Eminem. (This video is available on the DVD compilation Eminem: E.)

Final Destination 2 (2003) [Alex Chance Browning]: Devon does not actually appear in the sequel, but it's revealed that he was hit on the head by a falling brick between movies; a news report about his death is shown on a computer monitor.
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