Dennis Christopher in 'Fade to Black'
Dennis Christopher (1955 - )
Fade to Black (1980) [Eric Binford]: Shot several times by police while standing on the roof of Mann's Chinese Theatre.

It (Stephen King's It) (1990) [Eddie Kaspbrak]: Crushed to death by a giant spider creature. (Thanks to Binky)

Profiler: Reunion Part 2 (1999) [Jack of All Trades]: Shot to death by Ally Walker in a cemetery, after he charges at her. (Thanks to Matt)

Angel: Not Fade Away (2004) [Cyvus Vail]: Head smashed when Amy Acker hits him in the face as she changes into her demon form. (Thanks to Neil)

Django Unchained (2012) [Leonide Moguy]: Shot in the back by Jamie Foxx as Dennis tries to run, then shot repeatedly by Leonardo DiCaprio's men in the crossfire of their shoot-out with Jamie. (Thanks to Mathew, Jack, and Tim)

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